21 Proms | David Levithan & Daniel Ehrenhaft

The biggest voices in YA fiction bring their most romantic, funny, and surprising prom fantasies to life in this diverse short story collection.


School Library Journal starred review by Caryl Soriano, May 1, 2007

• NoveList Recommended Reads, Short Stories by Beth Gerall, July 8, 2008


What if your prom date was a set-up with someone you didn’t even know? What if it was your brother? Or a gorilla? Cecily von Ziegesar, Libba Bray, E. Lockhart, John Green, and more of today’s hottest authors write about proms (and in one case, a backwards prom, or “morp”) where anything is possible. You might dance outside in the parking lot, or stumble upon a secret society, or hear him say “I love you” for the first time. When prom night comes, will you be ready?

Levithan, David, and Daniel Ehrenhaft, eds. 21 Proms. New York: Point/Scholastic, 2007.


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Annie on My Mind | Nancy Garden

A smart New York teenager discovers her sexuality—and inadvertently becomes the center of a controversy at school—in this romantic lesbian love story.

Awards & Honors

• YALSA 100 Best Books, 1950-2000


“En garde! Stand and fight or I’ll run you through!” Annie threatens, brandishing a sword.

“You will not live to tell the tale of this day’s battle!” retorts Liza.

Is it the middle ages? Is it a play? It’s the first meeting of high school seniors Annie and Liza at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Liza is an aspiring architect and student council president at her private school in Brooklyn, while Annie is a talented singer who lives in Manhattan with her father and grandmother. Together they explore their imaginations and discover the magic of New York. When their friendship becomes something more, it’s scary and exciting. But neither girl is prepared for what happens next in Annie on My Mind.

Garden, Nancy. Annie on My Mind. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1982.

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