A Little Friendly Advice | Siobhan Vivian

Ruby’s estranged dad shows up uninvited at her 16th birthday party, shaking up her feelings, her friendships, and her life just like a Polaroid picture.


• “Populated with real characters who have authentic emotions, this debut novel manages to be at once uplifting and heartwrenching. Vivian is clearly an author to watch.” Kirkus Reviews, January 1, 2008

• “Engagingly written and with a surprise ending, this novel will appeal to teens.” School Library Journal review, February 1, 2008

• “Vivian’s first novel deftly probes the often confusing intricacies of friendship … Readers will find themselves and their relationships reflected in Ruby’s story.” Publishers Weekly review, March 3, 2008


Ruby is turning 16 and looking forward to a low-key birthday at home. But before she can make the first cut into her Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake, an unexpected guest crashes the party. It’s Ruby’s dad, armed with a bouquet of carnations. Flowers might have been nice, if this hadn’t been the first time Ruby saw him since he left the family six years ago. Shocked by this sudden reappearance, Ruby flees the house with her friends—BFF Beth, boy-crazy Maria, and troublemaker Katherine—right behind her.

In the week that follows, Ruby is haunted by painful memories of her parents’ split. Beth acts like she wants to help, but is she keeping something from Ruby? Vivian’s spot-on portrayal of the girls’ friendship raises questions about loyalty and little white lies; her debut novel is Advice worth taking.

Vivian, Siobhan. A Little Friendly Advice. New York: PUSH, 2008.


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