Paper Towns | John Green

After Quentin’s dream girl goes missing, he follows a series of cryptic clues to track her down—learning how little he knows about the real Margo Roth Spiegelman.

Awards & Honors

• A School Library Journal Best Book, 2008

• A YALSA Best Book for Young Adults, 2009


As 9 year olds, Quentin and Margo shared the traumatic experience of discovering a dead body at a local park. Now high school seniors about to graduate, the two travel in different circles and barely talk. Then one night, Margo appears at Q’s bedroom window. Dressed all in black and looking for a partner in crime, she drags him out for a few hours of debauchery—and promptly disappears the next day.

Following the trail she left behind, “Q” finds himself exploring the poetry of Walt Whitman and the subdivisions of central Florida in order to make whatever sense he can of the enigma that is Margo. Like the protagonists of John Green’s first two novels, Quentin is a thoughtful, nerdy guy on a quest to figure out the elusive girl of his dreams. Smart and engaging, Paper Towns is inspiration for readers to stop seeing their peers as archetypes (the beautiful girl, the jock) and start thinking of them as real people.

Green, John. Paper Towns. New York: Dutton Books, 2008.


August 26, 2009. Tags: , , , . Realistic.

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